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Looking for a WordPress expert?

You need a WordPress expert in order to make your website or online store grow? Or maybe you need someone to help you solve a problem with WordPress or optimize subpages? We don’t want to dampen your enthusiasm, but before you take the wallet out of your pocket, make sure to read this guide, which will help you protect yourself from losing your money and hiring a pseudo “WordPress expert”.

Your company keeps growing, customers are getting more likely and more willing to leave their money with you, and you decide to invest in its rapid growth. You know already that WordPress is a simple and friendly system [more on that can be read here and here], but in order to make your vision happen, you need someone [i.e. a WordPress expert] to bring your plans to life. This means that all you have to do is search – at least in theory. What could go wrong in this beautiful plan, then? 🤔 A whole lot. From delays in fulfilling orders to a total failure and a waste of money and nerves.

A WordPress expert is always in style

Yeah… A WordPress expert is a concept as trendy and popular in the industry. You can find a lot of people online who claim to be WordPress experts, but, as things online tend to be, it’s often difficult to verify the truth behind those words. Let’s start by defining right away who a WordPress expert is and isn’t [or who a WordPress expert should and shouldn’t be].

Who is a WordPress expert?

Would you call someone a expert if they optimize a website by installing the WP Rocket plugin and run an audit by typing the GTmetrix tool in the URL address? Of course not. A WordPress expert is someone who REALLY knows the topic of WordPress. It is someone who has cut their teeth and pulled a lot of hair out of their scalp by solving problems and learning WordPress back when it wasn’t yet featured in the name of every other agency on the Polish market.

A WordPress expert is someone who has experience, a rich portfolio and broad knowledge on the WordPress system. It’s an individual [or a company – that’s where WordPress experts work, after all] who, when you approach them with a problem, will give you a complete solution and guide you by the hand towards the goal.

Although we do know it’s a myth, we can still go ahead and say that no one will become a expert after 100 hours of working with WordPress, let alone an expert [that’s right – before you criticize me, I can attest that I have spent more than 10 thousand hours with WordPress].

A WordPress expert is also someone who knows their worth. Don’t expect the best experts on the market to do work for you for 7-8 dollars/hour. The rates for those people start at net 20 dollars for every new work hour. The best experts can’t complain about not getting orders and don’t waste their time, quite the opposite – they often pick their own projects that they want to carry out. Of course, high prices are not an indicator of whether you’re just talking with a WordPress expert, but is it worth it to risk the success of your plans by assuming that the cheaper the better? I don’t think so.

A WordPress expert is a programmer, an analyst, a copywriter, a marketer, a salesperson and every other person who devotes most of their time to this exact platform. It is someone for whom WordPress is a source of constant development, of growing experience, or even of smile on their face 🙃 Could you be good at a job that you don’t like? Exactly, let alone a expert, or even an expert. A real WordPress expert is capable of implementing every functionality and solution for you, but watch out! They will always do this the most optimal way, using their own knowledge and experience in WordPress.

How to spot a WordPress expert

There are several ways to verify whether someone is a WordPress expert or not.

Here’s a list of things you need to check in order to make sure that you’re hiring a real WP expert/expert!


  •  Ask the expert or the company about the portfolio – check out what projects they have to show for themselves and whether they suit your requirements and aesthetic taste.
  • Verify the credibility of the WordPress expert on Social Media [LinkedIn, Facebook], on Google [search engine, maps], in the business register, in the court register and on the website, analyzing their history and reviews.
  • Listen to what they say or write, whether it is substantial talk and an offer, or if it’s just a lot of padding and trying to hide their ignorance. Ask them a difficult question on WordPress that wouldn’t be easy to find an answer to online.
  • Find out how they work and what will be their operating process for your problem. A WordPress expert will always have a ready strategy and a well thought-out workflow.
  • Pay attention to the contact, the response time, the e-mail address they use to communicate and whether you don’t feel too pressured to close the sale – remember that a good expert never complains about lack of work!
  • Compare several offers and the prices per man-hour. Pick the one that respects their time, as you will have the highest chances of them respecting yours as well!
  • If you’re planning to hire a WordPress company [or agency 🙄] ask for the contact info of the person who is going to serve you and check if they show enthusiasm and willingness to act!
  • In case of a company, ask for a NDA agreement [a confidentiality agreement] and an e-mail confirmation of the arrangements, and in case of a private individual for an ID scan and a scope of work agreement – a reliable counterparty will never have any problem with that.
  • Last but not least, before you sign the agreement, if you still have any doubts, make a phone call and have a talk or arrange a conference online to get to know the person you are going to entrust with your brand and budget.

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