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Web Development

The best front-end developer portfolio

The graphic designer shares his graphic designs, web designer displays his web designs, logos and/or UI interfaces.

The same applies to a web developer, front-end developer or back-end developer portfolio. Similarly to the above-mentioned, it’s a collection of projects in the field in which you’re developing. The entire idea of having a portfolio is to encourage others. It’s a method to showcase your best work and show your commitment to various projects. It might be a great way to find clients if you are a freelancer or great support for you during recruitment.

A good portfolio saves your time

It’s simply a collection and description of your experience, skills and projects. You can expose what technologies did you use, programming languages and libraries. As a result, IT recruiters or potential clients can easier, more accurate and more effectively match your profile to a particular job or client.

It helps you to outstand from the competition.

It everyone does the same things or completed exactly the same online programming course is difficult to say who’s better. Your portfolio will help you to stand out in a crowd of developers and clearly showcase your advantages and technical skills.

What should be in the front-end developer portfolio?

Start to include your resume in it, it’s the first thing recruiters are looking for. Keep it simple, clean and neat, as it’s a written representation of you.

Write about your advantages, describe what are you good at and what kind of work interest you most and why are you different/better from the entire crowd of other programmers.

Make sure you have a good GitHub profile. GitHub can be a great alternative to a standard portfolio. It lets you share your projects as repositories (or simply folders). Git, the system version control, is one of the elementary tools in the daily work of programmers. Therefore GitHub is a great idea for a portfolio for junior developers if we know how to use its full potential.

What it should contain?

  • all, or at least the best of your projects
  • represent clearly your current level of experience and knowledge
  • have a good README file
  • have an easy way to contact you (needn’t it to be an email, god option can be your LinkedIn profile link)

Best portfolio examples:

Today’s web development landscape is full of innovative projects and intelligent people. As a solution to this problem, web developers create portfolios that will make them stand out.


The Best-Looking Web Developer Portfolio Examples

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