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How much does a WordPress website cost?

When answering the question of how much does a WordPress website cost, we need to specify a few key factors.

Defining the purpose of the WordPress website

First, check what you really care about. The first step to create an attractive, functional and tailored to your needs WordPress website is to precisely define what page you need:

  • Is it supposed to be only a business card containing basic data about the company, its services, products?
  • Is the website created in accordance with the latest graphic trends, with interesting functionalities and especially Google-friendly?

For whom the WordPress website is to be created?

For whom the website is to be created and for what purpose – these are the main questions when it comes to determining the price of a website on WordPress. If this website is to be intended for a small company, one-man, it will not be extensive and will have only basic subpages such as: About us, Offer, Contact. However, if the website is intended for a large company, we are talking about a website with an extensive structure, graphic design and numerous functionalities. So comparing these two cases, we can immediately see that on the other side, the design team has to spend much more time than for a small business card side, which at the same time affects the final price.

What are the WordPress website graphics requirements?

Another issue is the graphics of the site set up on WordPress. The original graphic design distinguishes the website, but also significantly affects the price.

Functionalities and additional modules

Additional functionalities and modules are things that can increase the price of a WordPress website even several times. We are talking about situations of expanding both the business card page, the extended page, or the premium page. Each additional functionality increases the price of a WordPress website, as it requires the addition of additional, often paid modules to the website.

Choosing a WordPress site contractor

Who to entrust the implementation of your WordPress website? This stage is extremely important because you may come across unreliable contractors on the Internet. Remember a website that is made quickly, cheaply and “professionally” simply does not exist and will probably generate additional costs in the future. Professionalism requires both time and resources. Therefore, we do not recommend commissioning the creation of a website to people who advertise themselves on the Internet and in Facebook groups.

First of all, you should look for a contractor who has a diverse and interesting portfolio, which will confirm his professionalism in website design. You should also take a look at the contractor’s website, because it is a showcase of his skills. Check what approximate costs you have to face by comparing the price lists on the website or by sending an inquiry. The very low price may be because the contractor is an amateur and your future WordPress site will not live up to your expectations and will even require additional costly changes and tweaks. Remember that the website will be your business card on the Internet and customers will identify you with it before buying or choosing your services. That is why it is worth entrusting work on it to a professional


Time to complete the WordPress website

After choosing the creator of your website, it’s time to estimate the time needed to create the website. It usually takes about 5-40 days to create a WordPress website. If you have tight deadlines for your website and you need your website to be completed faster, it is obviously not impossible, but it will be reflected in the higher price.

Creating a website is a process that consists of several stages. Starting from talks and negotiations, through drawing up a contract with a detailed specification, analysis, looking for inspiration, creating a functional and graphic concept, implementation and testing. Each of these stages lasts, costs and often requires the involvement of many people – project manager, graphic designers, UX utility, programmer. The exact time needed to create a website depends, of course, on the level of complexity, graphic design and functionality:

  • The business card website is a time from 5-15 days of work of a graphic designer and programmer
  • The basic website is about 10 days to a month of work for a graphic designer and programmer
  • The extended (premium) website is a month and more of work for a graphic designer and programmer

Time for a real cost…

WordPress blog

The best solution for bloggers with the world’s best WordPress blogging tool. Blog page with graphic design.
A WordPress website blog costs from 300$-600$

WordPress showcase page

Best for personal or small business use. A simple WordPress website with a graphic design, several subpages, a blog, access to content editing, adding photos
A business card website costs from 800$-1500$

WordPress website for businesses

The best solution for the company. An extensive WordPress website with a graphic design, a number of solutions to facilitate positioning and website security

A website for a company costs from 1500$-3000$

WordPress restaurant website

Website for restaurants with online food ordering system, restaurant menu, seat reservation system, payment and online ordering with delivery

A website for a restaurant costs between 1500$-3000$

Premium WordPress site

Best for traders. A unique WordPress website with advanced functionalities, individual graphic design, optimized for the process of positioning, marketing and security.

A premium website costs from 3000$-4000$

WordPress WooCommerce Store

A WordPress website can also be a full-fledged online store. The valuation of the store will be influenced by the graphic design and what functionalities and integrations should be

The WordPress online store costs from 2000$-4000$


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