How To Prepare For The FCE Reading Part And Increase Your Score


In this article, we aim to tell you a bit about preparing for the Reading section
of the First Certificate in English (FCE). This part is generally called a paper, and
this is a term that is used by the organizers of the exam, hence we will use it
throughout this article as well. Furthermore, this time you will learn what to
expect from this paper and how to prepare in order to obtain as many points as
Paper One: It’s Not Only About Reading
If you are familiar with some nomenclature used throughout when Cambridge
exams are discussed, you surely have come across the division into four main
papers: writing, speaking, listening and, finally, reading. However, this final
section is in fact a broader one, and it is named Reading and Use of English.
This paper contains seven parts, and you’ll have 1 hour and 15 minutes to
complete it. In the case of the first three parts, you will get some texts which
will be accompanied by grammar and vocabulary tasks. While part four focuses
on grammar and vocabulary, too, the remaining three parts all emphasize to
check your abilities for reading comprehension.
Different tasks, different requirements
The first 3 parts all leave you space to excel in answering 8 questions, and each
one allows for getting 8 points (so, you can score up to 24 points here).
However, every part is different. The first one will check your knowledge of
vocabulary, so it’s good to know different idioms, collocations, fixed phrases,
etc. The first part is a multiple-choice cloze, while the second part focuses
mainly on grammar with some need of vocabulary knowledge, and it’s an open
cloze task. The third part is a word-formation task. Parts 4, 5, and 6 all will give

you a chance to score 12 marks per part, and the final, seventh part, is a
multiple matching task, gives you a possibility to obtain 10 points.
Tip 1: Read a lot!