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Front End Developer / WordPress Expert

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My Portfolio

A small gallery of recent projects chosen by me. I've done them all together with amazing people from companies around the globe. It's only a drop in the ocean compared to the entire list.
Interested to see some more? Visit my work page.

What I'm into?

The primary area of my interest is undoubtedly front-end. My passion for code had begun when Adobe Flash was a complete innovation, alongside with CSS 1.0 and HTML 4.01 as standards of the current web.

For over a decade I had many opportunities to work in a vast spectrum of web technologies what let me gather a significant amount of various experience. Working for companies and individuals around the globe I met and learnt from amazing and ambitious people.

I currently work remotely with a selected freelance client base and are open for new opportunities.

More about my experience and work you'll find on Skills and About .

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I’m interested in freelance opportunities – especially ambitious or large projects. However, if you have other request or question, don’t hesitate to use the form.

Jacek Jeznach,
Poland,ul. Maciejowicka 11/2, 70-786 Szczecin


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